Saturday, November 9, 2013

November Goals: Ramping Up

Hey-o! It's November! Which means a check in about our monthly goals, riiiiiiight?


In case you missed it, in October, I set three sort-of-easy-ish goals to complete the second half of the month. Well, since I like to lower the bar, I accomplished 1 of 3 (read that book, chose photos for the tryptich but didn't get them printed yet, blogged 8 times). But that's okay! I made progress toward each of them, and what's that quote about life and the journey and the destination? Right.

So, here's what's up for November.

1. Read two books (I'm in a book club so one of them is mandatory. The other is for funsies. Any recommendations?)

2. Do 10 pushups, full feet, nose touching the ground (T-Rex arms, for the win!)

3. Create an enormous vision board around "My Ideal Year" (I just got, like, 8,000 magazines so this is one way to make them a little more useful)

This month, I'll likely spend a lot of time inside due to the weather being generally yucky and the sun shining less long each day. When I have lots of inside time, I typically spend a lot of time on Facebook, reading blogs, and doing things that don't generally contribute to my overall happiness. I'd like to be more proactive and motivated, because it is the month of the year that I generally don't want to do ANYTHING (ski hills aren't open yet + trails are all covered with snow = lots of short walks + wanting to snuggle in my bed eating Nutella)

What are your goals this month? Share, please and we can keep each other accountable!


Laura said...

Books I've read and loved lately:
-I Am Malala
-Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business
-Paying for the Party
And currently reading "The Stiletto Network," which I'm thoroughly enjoying.

Others here:

Allison said...

A lot of transitions happening this month so I want to keep it easy and accomplishable..

1. A more current vision board to hang near where I get dressed

2. Keep going to doctor's appointments, no matter how disheartened I feel.